Gorilla Press 420 Rosin Extraction Press

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The Gorilla Press a small portable and lightweight unit, the Gorilla Press handles a variety of herbal materials with variable temperature settings. The rugged handheld design can be used with a trigger clamp (not included) to get the most rosin yield from the herbal material. 

How To Use

1 - Plug in the press and then switch on.
2 - Press the on/off button again to toggle through the 4 temperature settings. The indicator light will flash while the unit is heating up. Once the unit reaches the desired temperature the light will go off and the press is then ready for use.
3 - Put approx. 0.75g - 1.0g into the included pollen press. Compress into a puck by closing each cap and closing each cap until it cannot be closed any further.
4 - Place the puck into a piece of parchment paper (not included) and then place into the center of the press heating plate surface.
5 - Use a wood clamp (not included) on the exterior of the press unit to squeeze the puck until rosin starts pouring out onto the parchment paper. Release the clamp and remove the parchment paper from the press.
6 - Place parchment paper on cold surface (i.e Ice Pack) and lift the rosin from the paper.